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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs' started by Gallery, Feb 28, 2015.

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    Apr 16, 2013
    Red Bank, NJ
    Today I dropped off my Blackjack21 for an upgrade to the new 4 button footswitch and my recently acquired Marshall 2204S to be put back to stock (mostly) and serviced.

    I absolutely love my Blackjack21. It's an amazing no compromise 2 channel combo which amazing rich cleans and a punchy dirt channel. It's an easy portable size and just a great grab and go amp for blues, classic and some modern rock. My only very minor complaint was that I wished the reverb was foot switchable... and now it will be! Stoked to get that hooked up!

    My 2204S has a bunch of mods from the previous owner and I really want to get it back to stock. The 2204 is my favorite amp of all time and this will be my collectors piece (not in an investment way, but more a nostalgia way) Anyway, I was concerned after finding all the mods and I wanted to make sure a very competent tech did the service. So I went to the best in NJ.

    I must say that Andy is a really nice guy and he knows his sh$t. We opened up the 2204S and right away he was pointing out the mods without looking at a circuit diagram. I dunno if that should impress me as much as it does, but there are a ton of amps out there to learn and it's obvious Andy has been around the block. So we went through the amp and decided how we were going to approach it. The previous mods involved an added switch and push pull treble pot. Andy is going to put it all back to stock, but utilize the switch for a gain boost and the push pull as a mid boost. When the pot and switch are disengaged the amp will be stock. He's also going to clean up any parts that need replacing and set it up nice. So stoked to get this back when he's done!

    I got a nice tour of the shop. I got to see a bunch of amps in production including a row of Casino series amps and two ODS 2's that really looked cool. While the ODS 2 is a dream amp for me I really want to kick the tires on the Mantis Jr which supposedly has a tight bottom for lots of that chug-a-chug-a. I love high gain amps.

    I shot a few pictures while I was there.

    Here's a SICK bass amp he makes called the Bruiser. The carbon tolex on this thing with the aluminum faceplate just looks so damn cool. This amp makes me want to be a bassist. If or I should say "when" I get another FUCHS I would be really tempted to get this style cosmetics.


    Here's a Clean Machine for Eric Gales sitting on top of a Mantis


    And a purple velvet ODS


    And a few shots of the waiting area



    Anyway, they should be ready in about two weeks, so I'll update when I pick them up.
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  2. playthecray

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    Feb 21, 2009
    I recently met Andy at his shop as well. He gave one of my amps a check up. He was a pleasure to deal with and he has a great shop. When I picked my amp up, I had my youngest daughter with me. Andy gave her a donut which was pretty cool. One of these days I will make an appointment to play one of his amps.
  3. Astronome

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    Jul 27, 2009
    South Jersey
    I was there a few years ago. My ODS had a tiny issue, Andy fixed it in about 1 minute. Andy couldn't have been nicer.
    My ODS 100 has been my main amp for many years now and has always ran super smooth and quiet. I can't wait until I'm able to add another fuchs to the lineup, hopefully an ODS 30 combo

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