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Vocal Effects for the Part-Time Singer


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Is there something that can make me sound like Wilson Pickett?

Seriously, my voice sounds a bit thin and uncertain. (Unlike me... I'm a bit thick and pretty sure about it.) I'm not ever going to be a lead singer. But in a typical four-hour gig, I might sing 3 to 5 songs. I heard a recording, and basically, it just needs a bit of everything. Tone, fatness, power. Maybe there's an approach to EQ and some effect that can approximate a bit of body in my vocal output?

Any ideas?


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No amount of eq or effects will really change that in any significant way. You'll just sound thin and uncertain with a different eq. It's all about learning some technique of how to support and place your voice and to be confident. Wilson Pickett sounds like he does because of his vocal production and singing out with conviction like he's delivering a sermon. I'd suggest finding a vocal coach, that'll give you the tools to sing like you want

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this guy is right, you sound how you sound, and that's about it. At some point you need to accept the tone of your own voice, but it also helps to find songs that you can sing confidently.


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These two posts nailed it!

I was just going to say that increasing your confidence will help.

A tight delay would add a bit of doubling to your vocal, but won't improve your confidence significantly enough to achieve your goal.

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