VOCAL effects units and pedals into vox mics

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  1. RussT

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    Aug 26, 2014
    Whats the deal with vocal effects units, I’m in a pretty experimental band and wanna get something that can do rad delays (that are tweakable on the spot to give those swirly psychedelic pinging sounds) and also good reverbs, maybe some distortion and harmony too?

    Any recommendations is there a unit that does it all and very well? I prefer something analog not digital (but not sure if analog come in multi-fx)


    If one just wanted to not get a vox effects unit and use some of their guitar pedals with a microphone. How would you do that?

    Only PA I use would be at rehearsal rooms so is there something you do with that to get the effects pedals in the mixing desk via auxillary? Like being able to just use more guitar cables etc

    Or do you have to get some kinda XLR to guitar input cable/adapter, do they exist?

    Cheers y’all

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