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Our singer has a naturally loud and "booming" voice. She is a novice and does not work well with a mic in hand. She either has it too close to her or too far away. Right now we are using a sm58.

So, I was hoping there was a condenser mic, or other mic that would pick up directional sound with a range of about 2 to 4 feet. My hope would be that the mic could be stationary, and allow her to naturally move around without the change in volume.

I would also hope to use this mic live as well as record.




Originally posted by wopr
allow her to naturally move around without the change in volume.
A mic won't do that. A compressor will. But if her mic technique is as bad as you describe, you might have to squoosh out so much dynamics that she'll just sound flat as a board. That will also depend somewhat on the compressor you choose and your skill in adjusting it.

I use a compressor to some degree when recording any singer, but at small live gigs I don't always bring one. It sounds like she really ought to learn how to work the mic properly. Have you tried coaching her?

Sean Murphy of Little Feat has excellent hand-held mic technique. Because her dynamic range is so wide she's very interesting to watch. She "works" the mic by simply moving it farther or closer with her hand, which is constantly in motion. Might be worth watching if you can get hold of a video.


Excellent response from Michael. I agree: proper mic technique will help your singer more than a different mic or compression.

An SM58 is a great live vocal mic.


There aren't any mics that will fix your problem as you describe it, but technique will.

She's probably nervous, so she's pacing like a caged lion. I would politely explain to her that all the moving around is making her voice sound inconsistent and it will translate poorly to the recording. Most singers care enough about how they sound that this comment will plant her feet in one place.

And put that mic on a stand. Part of the problem is that it's too easy for her to move the mic around. When she finally finds the right place in front of the mic, be sure to tell her that "it sounds great now." That will build her confidence AND show her that her position makes a difference.

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