Vocal VSTs


I'm just curious to see if anyone out there is using any VSTs for vocals.

I'm not talking about the standard compression, limiting etc etc.

I'm talking about pitch correction, doubling, harmonizing etc.

At this time, I'm sending recorded tracks out to a TC Electronic Voiceworks Pro which sounds fantastic. However, it would be much easier of the effects I wanted were in software format.

Anyone know of any software or vocal suite that sounds good??


Melodyne Studio or Editor (does not have the other stuff); Waves Vocal Bundle (I have the doubler and the debreath, and use a reverb because I use Melodyne for the airbrushing and creating harmonies); Waves Signature (this does not have pitch correction);

Waves v9 no longer requires an iLok but does require Win 7 or Mac OS. I really like Melodyne for correction. The rest of the Waves bundle is fantastic, I haven't used the Waves Tune. I have the Masarati Bundle which I really like.

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