Volume Comparison of Morgan AC20 and Swart AST MKii?


I currently have a Morgan AC20 Deluxe that I absolutely love. I've been thinking of getting a Swart AST MKii head and cab to mix in with as a stereo rig. However, I was wondering if anyone has a comparison of the perceived loudness of each of them side by side. My AC20 can be very loud; however, I've read that some of the Swarts don't get too loud. Since they are both 20 watts, I figured it should be a nice pairing. Has anyone had or compared both? I'd appreciate any input. Thanks!


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You have to consider the speaker also. My AC20 Deluxe is quite a bit louder with celestion blues vs. Weber blue dogs. Also, the ef86 mode in the ac20 deluxe has quite a bit more on tap, especially under 1/2 volume...

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