volume pot fade on American deluxe strat


Hey there,

Hoping to get a little advice on what to do with my strat. I've got a 2001 Fender American Deluxe strat with an HSS configuration. I love the guitar, it sounds and plays great, but I have one beef with it. It's that the taper on the volume knob is very uneven and abrupt.

A big part of my playing is using the volume knob on the guitar to control the amount of gain and I like to play with a lot of knob swells. The knob seems to do almost nothing when turning from 10 back to about 7 and then it abruptly cuts down to about half of the full bore "volume".

Any advice on how to rectify this? Could dirty pots be the problem? Or will I need to upgrade the electronics or the pots on the guitar? If so, what do you guys recommend?



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Is this the pot with the S1 switching? If you want to keep that, you're probably out of luck and that pot is not very easy to get. I pulled all that stuff out of my Am Dlx Strat and replaced it with an RS kit and Fralin pickups and couldn't be happier.

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