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Volume pot issues?


Hi there folks!

Need som expertise on a problem im having on my main strat. The problem is that when i max the volume pot the volume and output drops out to what should be maybe 5 on the volume pot. At 9 there is almost full volume and output but if you take it up just a notch it falls down.

This is a set of custom bourns pots and ive done the work myself as i have on many guitars, its been in this guitar for about 6 months without problems.

The strange thing is that when i go straight to amp the problem doesnt occur, but going through my board it really obvious, both with my drive but mostly with my fuzzes... which are my main sound so having a weird volume pot doesnt work well as im constantly backing on and of the volume.

What can it be? bad ground? or maybe a problem with the board?



Agreed with poolshark. Same thing happens on mine if I go directly into the fuzz. If I stick a buffer in front of the fuzz (like a Concord, or even a turned-off TS9), the volume sweep smooths right out. I realize that folks say that the fuzz should see an unbuffered signal, but whaddya gonna do?

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