Sold Voodoo Amps Texas Heat 1x12 Combo Amp


Voodoo Amps Texas Heat 1x12 Combo Amp

I have a used Voodoo Amps Texas Heat 1x12 Combo Amp for sale. I have owned this amp for a few years, and is in great condition, works and sounds great. I have upgraded the speaker to a Celestion A-Type Speaker, which has made this amp go from good to great. Just a better fit in my personal opinion with the amp versus the Eminence Legend Speaker. I have also changed the V1 preamp tube to a Sovtek 12AX7, the V2 preamp tube to a ARS 12AX7A/7025, the power tube to a JJ 6L6, and the rectifier tube is a NOS RCA 5AR4 tube. This amp is an amazing sounding amp, and will serve the new owner very well!

If you want specific details, you can check out the details from the Voodoo Amp website:

I am aeroic on Rig-Talk, Groomed Noodlers, and eBay, with over 500 positive transactions between TGP, RT, GN, and eBay. I have plenty of references I can provide if need be.

I am looking to get $SOLD$ within the Continental 48 US states.

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