Voodoolab Sparkledrive VS. Danalectro trans OD


I have a Voodoo labs sparkle drive which I like and possibly can never part with but the Danalectro Transparent overdrive intrigues me and thinking of adding one to the board either in conjunction or to temporarly replace the Sparkle drive.
Does the V1 or V2 Dana Transparent ODs sound drastically different to the Sparkle drive?


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Looking to read some good posts on this one. I currently run have the CC TOD v1, CC Drive, and Digi Bad Monkey. Sure would like to get just one pedal in there to do the work. (V. Labs SD, Barber LTD, etc,)


They're totally different. Sparkle Drive is a TS like Deville said. The Dano is an EXCELLENT transparent OD. That said though, I think it would be a really great drive to use in addition to the Sparkle Drive. Setting the Dano as your "base" OD tone with a little breakup and then hitting it with the SD to add some mids would be a great combo.

If I had to compare the Dano to an off-the-shelf pedal, I'd say it's in the same ballpark as a Boss Blues Driver. Same idea.

A Dano TOD would basically goose your sparkle drive with more gain if u put it before your Sparkle Drive. put it after the SD and it will allow you to eq the tone to something altogether different. It could be much louder, gainier, or more totally complex. I run my TOD with a mild overdrive that only gets gritty if you dig in, after my Eternity. when they're both on, the tone is very rich and full of really cool overtones.


I have both.
The TOD has a slight mid hump when gained out, similar to a Klon mid hump, but not so pronounced as a TS. The transparency is in the overdrive grittyness more so than the eq.
The Sparkledrive is a TS style OD with a blend pot that can mix the OD in with the clean signal while having a gain knob to control the gain level. This means you can retain much of your guitar clean dynamics and pick attack while adding various amounts of level adjusted gain, from light OD to heavier OD. The gain level itself is controlled seperately from the mix control.
You may be confusing this with the Klons dual pot that increases the gain level while decreasing the clean.
Similar features but quite different pedals.


Is that what the V2 Danos sound like? a Blues Driver? I've got a V1, and we all know what those sound like.
I temporarily owned the V.2 Transparent OD (I own the V.1 ) and bought the V.2 out of curiosity and after about 1/2 hour of trying to like it (I liked the V.1 TOD and the Dano Drive as soon as I plugged them in) and dial in a good sound I had to send it back to the retailer. I found it to have an unfocused distortion tone; loose and farty (sorry!) with the Gain knob above say 11 O'clock. and there was less overdrive on tap (when compared with V.1) with the Gain control cranked. I thought the distortion might get more focused with the knob up higher but nope. It will do a decent clean volume boost but that was about it; so will the V.1, at $20 less. Changing the DIP switches under the battery did very little- it was just bad sounding. Used my Strat or Tele into my Blues Junior set as clean as it gets which is how I use my OD pedals for gigs.

I like finding OD's that I can just leave on all the time(by that I mean for the duration of the whole song) to goose my amp, plus I don't need a whole lot of distortion. I happen to love the Dano TOD V.1, Blues Driver ( at lower Gain settings, stock) for my cranked Fender amp sound ( one or the other as they are similar) and use either the Dano Drive or a Barber Direct Drive for more of a Marshall tone (but not really much more distortion, more for a change in overall tone) so I just use 2 of the 4 and use them seperately-keep it simple- plus I do small gigs - don't need too much firepower

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