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Vox ac versus Laney lionheart


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What are your thoughts on the Laney versus the Vox? I'm also interested in general thoughts about the Lionheart combos too. Tone capabilities? Build quality? As a pedal platform? etc.

James M

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I asked this precise question about 5 weeks ago and got no answers. I bought the Vox AC30HW2 and love it...never found a Laney to try. The HW Vox build quality seems excellent, and I use it as a pedal platform, just dialing it in to almost breaking up.


What are your thoughts on the Laney versus the Vox? I'm also interested in general thoughts about the Lionheart combos too. Tone capabilities? Build quality? As a pedal platform? etc.
I have both, a AC30C2X and a Lionheart L20T112 combo. Both are great amps and can do similar things.

I can't really give you a detailed comparison. I use the Lionheart a lot more than the AC30 because it's so much easier to haul around, it's sounds great at lower volumes and it's just such a nice little amp! I would love to use the AC30 as much but in reality it's a bit too much for what I do.

The Lionheart does everything I need and more, both clean and crunchy. Build quality seems fine, I drag it back and forth to rehearsals every week and occasional gigs and it's not let me down. I did have to change the handle which started to break a bit on one end but this may have been a problem on early ones like mine.

I don't use many pedals, just an AMZ booster for leads and an echo and sometimes a little wah. Both amps are fine with those.

I've seraiously considered selling the AC30 because it's not getting used.


I gigged a lionheart 20 for about 5 years, and have ac15s and 30s at same time. The laney always got picked for most shows. I still have it, by my AC15H1TV now is my go too, and it has the half power switch so can be cranked. The lionheart is an amazing amp. Ive also had an 88 JCM800, a vintage bassman, and yet that amp always played out. Oh, and it never missed a beat in the 8 years Ive owned it. Touch wood.


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I currently own the L5T-112. I've had small Fenders (Blues Jr., SuperChamp XD), Mesas (DC2, 5:25), an Egnater Rebel 30, a Bogner Duende, and three other Laneys (VC30, LC50, and Cub12R), and the L5T is my favorite by far. Serves as a great foundation amp for pedals (and takes them well), and has a nice overdrive channel to put just a bit of hair on your tone. I'm not too keen on running Channel 2 with the gain full out, as it gets a little raunchy. But put a Timmy or a BB Preamp in front of Channel 2 with slight Gain (9 to 10 o'clock) and it's very cool.

The L5T can get pretty bright like the Vox, so I normally don't hit the Bright switch. Also has a master Tone control that acts sortof like a Presence. Adjust to taste. Lastly, it has a nice little tiltback bracket on the bottom. Not sure how sturdy it would be after lots of road use, but it works great at home.

I replaced the 25 watt Greenback with a higher wattage Eminence Red White & Blues speaker to give me more clean headroom. My real motive for doing this is I also have a BadCat Unleash that I can patch before the speaker, and push it up to stage volumes. This allows me to get nice "home tones" and use the same tone for loud venues.


I just bought a cheap Laney LC50-112 which I thought would be a chinese model with digital reverb, but is in fact built in the UK with a spring reverb..

But the fit and finish is pretty poor.. A piece on the tolex came of from the bottom of the amp when i removed the insolualtion from the package and had some tape stuck to the "tolex".. A screw was attached to the speaker magnet that should have sit in the front baffle.. I tried to screw it back into its hole but the screw would not take..I guess you get what you pay for, but when tryanor can use real baltic birch lightweight resonant ply on their amps, why can't VOX, cheaper marshall, blackstar etc. use this for cab construction.. This amp was a B-stock model at THomann fro 328 euro (25%VAT) which can have some slight signs of wear but comes with full warranty..

The inside of the amp looks ok... No obvious mistakes.. The amp is typically moden day amp with multiple PCB boards.. Some for the pots,, One large one for the preamp and power tubes circuit and one for the pots on the back of the amp.. The transformers are delightfully large.. And the sound is pretty good througt the stock celestion and TAD EL34B-STR (-35V bias voltage/413V plate) tubes with which are much larger than regular skinny EL34 tubes..

I use the clean channel with pedals,, but after the first jam session with the band with this amp, i tried the dirty channel.. After half an hour that channel started to make some strange background noises.. I will check the amp again today,.. but I have a bad feeling about this..

THis line of Laney amps are no more in production..

I say get a Lionheart amp if you go Laney.. Better cabs,, chassis mounted tubes.. etc.. I had an old LC30 (first generation) with chassis mounted tubes and it never broke down and the fit and finish was better than this new LC50-112.. with PCB mounted tubes..

Chicago Slim

I've been wondering which Laney models are cathode biased, with no negative feedback, like a Vox. I'm looking for lighter weight alternatives, to an AC15. I have a Vox TB18C1, that I love. It is all plywood construction, and very light for it's size.


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i really Njoy mine. i havent even cranked up the volume yet. the cleans are super creamy.
its the 410 20w, and built like a tank
here is aclip i made with it. the volume was only on 2 or so


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