VOX AC10 not crunching


Hi guys,

Long story short, I bought an AC10 C1 last month and I regret to say I´m not satisfied with it. That´s because it does not deliver a crunchy sound even at mid/high levels of GAIN and VOLUME. I live in a flat and I can´t play at full GAIN & VOL because of obvious reasons. Having that said, I´m really mad at this situation because all Youtube videos show that this amp breaks in less than having knobs at noon. I happen to have gain and volume set to past 12 o´clock and the sound is still super clean.

So I would like to ask you, what could be the reason of this behavior? Is the amp flawed? Could it be a valve issue? Is this a known issue? Can it be repaired or is it just a flawed unit and I have to send it back to the dealer?

I appreciate your comments very much in advance!

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IME its not a super gainy amp until you boost it, but pushing the front end will give up the goods once you do.


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Be careful popping the back! The leads on the speakers to the jack are short and you can disconnect them easily by accident when pulling the back.

I rolled tubes and found that some of the positions are very sensitive to changes. Mine has a different speaker I like better than stock.

But it did and does crunh most righteaously. You DO turn it up, right? Doesn't crunch at gnatfart volumes. I know you said mid/high volume but that is not explicit...

And yes, a treble booster is magic with this amp.

I rather like mine a lot.


I don't know that VOX but had a similar experience with a 10W, SE, 6L6 amp. The thing is clean as a Twin up to window rattling level. It will break over 12:00, but that's near or at stage level.

The fix? I bought a Wampler Pantheon or any AIAB or OD/clipper that emulates the crunch will work. A common myth is sending more clean gain from a pedal will ' push the tube preamp into saturation'. I found pushing more clean gain made the clean signal an even louder clean signal. Great!

The pedal is fantastic, it allows the amp tone through and hints clipping when you dig in. It is always on and made the amp exactly how I imagined low watter's should behave. The JHS Morning Glory is also a favorite. Instant vintage amp. I keep coming back to it and not wanting a change. Never disappointed in the purchase or the fact a stupid pedal is what worked. Normally, you get a magic pedal and the love wears off after a few plays. Nope, everyday is like Christmas.

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