Sold Vox AC15 C1 TV with NOS Tubes and Footswitch

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    Dec 19, 2003
    The "TV" model VOX AC 15C1 was introduced in September 2014 and the maroon and cream ones are a little more rare than the blue and cream models. This amp got a big tube upgrade - 2 matched New Old Stock GE EL84 power tubes and JJ 12ax7 pre-amp tubes. When i switched these in and took out the sub-standard Chinese tubes, this amp got a whole lot better. Vox amps are hard on tubes and these will last much longer. Plus, they give you a more focused distortion and PLENTY of that famed VOX chime!

    This amp also comes with optional footswitch that lets you toggle between the reverb and the AWESOME tremolo, which is a nice feature. This amp is gig-ready right now. This would also be a perfect studio/recording amp. Cosmetically near-mint...there is a little "bruise" on the amp in the front creme toward the bottom right - and a few very minor scuffs on upper left side edge.

    2013 or newer Marshall tube combo like A DSL 40 (maybe a DSL 15) in near-mint condition. Looking for a Marshall style/Mesa Express (+ cash) combo amp

    Guitars: maybe a Gibson LP Junior with a P90

    I would prefer a local Michigan-area sale or trade and am wiling to travel within reason to meet someone from the Midwest area and do a direct delivery/trade. Otherwise, I will ship to the lower 48 US states only and you will pay exact shipping. The amp weighs 48 pounds. I have sold many amps and guitars in my day with no problems. Feel free to ask any questions and thanks!

    $525 Paypaled plus exact shipping



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    Very nice amp. Good luck with your sale.
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