Vox AC15 Heritage vs. Hayseed 15


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OK so I checked out the Vox AC15 recently and was blown away by it. My dilemma is this: the Vox is going for $1000 new. I can get a Hayseed 15 new for that same price. The Vox is made in China, and from what I understand is not really totally hand wired. The Hayseed is MIA and totally handwired. Is there any reason that I should get the Vox over the Hayseed? Can the Hayseed nail the Vox tone completely? I really liked the sound of the Vox, never heard the Hayseed. However if the Hayseed can nail the Vox tone, and is a better made amp, then its a no brainer. Anyone ever compare these two? Let me know all your thoughts. Thanks.


Maybe it's me being a snob or whatever, but in that situation I would probably go with the Hayseed. You can choose your options as far as reverb, tremolo, ef86, tolex, grill cloth, etc. And it is totally handwired in America, where you will have direct contact with the builder. Most of all it is something that not many people have, and there is something kind of cool about that. Just my .02.


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i have 3 valvetech amps. they are very well made and easy to service. rob can tweak them to your heart's content. my hayseed custom is my #1 gigging amp right now. chimey, punchy, loves pedals and sounds absolutely gorgeous. i had to tinker with a friend's MIC vox and all i can say is woof!


I had the same choice for a 30 watter. Tried both, went with the Hayseed, and I've never questioned that decision once. Very happy.

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