Vox AC15H1tv EF86 question????


I am wondering how folks using this amp on this channel are setting the controls. It seems to me to be such a versatile channel based on the possible settings. I have found a tone I really like, but was interested in how others are using this channel.

I have a NOS Mullard ez81 and GEC PreWar Yugo EL84's and have the channel set to pentode mode with Bass Shift on 1 and Brillance on 2. The amp itself is set a triode mode as I play mostly these days at my house, and the Top Cut is set to 4. This gives me a warm, smooth spongy sound that I really like for blues with both my strat and my tele.

How are you guys setting this channel. Another observation is that I have to keep the EF86 channel almost "dimed" in triode mode to match the volume of the Top Boost channel on 8 1/2???

Thanks in advance.............

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