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Vox AC15HW1 (UK Blue and JMI Mods)

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Bought new about 6 months ago. Comes with cover and footswitch for hot/cool TB mode.

I swapped all the filter caps for vintage correct (or as close to) values. I used high quality Sprague and F&T caps. Coupling caps were all changed to Mallory 150's. Also, the tiny little ceramics in the tone stack were replaced with silver mica caps. The amp sounds unreal now.

The tubes are vintage Telam (polish) EL84's, RFT EZ81 rectifier, and various 12AX7 preamp tubes. I'll also throw in some JJ EL84's.

I replaced the stock greenback speaker with a mostly broken in UK Celestion Alnico Blue. The bell cover was dinged from the seller I got it from not packing it well enough, but it is purely cosmetic, and can't even be seen with the back panels on. The only other issue is one of the tube retainer clips fell off long ago. It would be $5-10 to replace, I just have not gotten around to it.

This amp is unreal and if you love Vox tone, you will not be dissapointed. I however, am just a Fender guy.

Looking for $750 plus shipping and fees unloaded or $900 plus shipping and fees with the Blue. I will not part out the Blue unless the amp sells unloaded.

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