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Sold Vox AC30 2-12 North Coast Music Built Extension Speaker Cabinet


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For sale is a Vox AC30 extension speaker cabinet, which includes 2 12 inch Celestion model G12M Greenbacks. Each speaker is 25 watts and 8 ohms. The cabinet has a 50 watt capacity, and is wired in series for 16 ohms total impedance. The front grill is Vox black diamond grill cloth. The cabinet is 3/4 inch baltic birch with half lap construction and bolted baffles covered in basket weave vinyl. The jack on the back is a 3 pin male XLR jack. The dimensions of the cabinet are 20.5 inches tall, 27.25 inches wide, and 10.5 inches deep. I purchased the speaker cabinet from North Coast Music (licensed by Vox Amplification to restore and build Vox amps in U.S.) in March 2013 for use with the Mark Kane Kanewreck Express amp, which I also have for sale on Gear Page. I have used the Vox speaker cabinet for less than 5 hours in my home practice room. Also included is a Studio Slips padded cover.

Gear Page Price: $375.00 via Paypal. Buyer will pay for shipping to the buyer's location at the actual cost to ship, and by the shipper selected by the buyer. Buyer must pay for item including actual shipment cost prior to shipment. Returns not accepted. I will not ship outside the continental U.S.

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You should include Northcoast in your posting title. I think you would get a lot more looks that way.

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