Vox AC30 - Mahogany Edition (price question)


Does anyone know what these things are worth? I'm looking at trading for one and i have no idea of a price point.



Handwired Heritage? I have one and it's my favourite amp, I wouldn't trade it for anything!

I bought mine (used but in mint condition) for about 1400 USD in 2008, my friend bought one in 2013 for about 1650 USD. But we live both in Europe. New AC30H2Ls were sold here for about 3000 USD, so amps from this serie do not hold their value well...

The main concern with these amps is that they are not really "handwired". They have turrets on very thick printed circuit board and components are handwired to these turrets. Most of traces on pcb is for grounding and many of connections are done with wires, tube sockets are not placed on pcb and good quality full-size components are used, but... you know, there must be something bad with it :rolleyes: This mounting method is used in Mat Amps, Matchless Avalon and some 3 Monkeys amps and it does not bother anybody, but in chinese Vox...

Some will say that there are cheap ceramic caps and Blue speakers haven't got the right cone, but I love how my amp sounds as it is. I made modifications on Marshalls, Oranges, Bad Cats and others, I haven't touched my AC30H2L :) Only put some RCA black long plates 12ax7 and Tesla EF86 in preamp section and viola!

...and the last thing about this amp. It SMELLS sweet because of some oil in mahagony wood. You switch it on and because of heat from tubes the cabinet scents your room :love:

Dr. Tweedbucket

Deluxe model available !!!11
I paid $1650 TGP money for mine :huh Great amp, something about that mahogany adds to the already awesome tone coming out of that thing! It's a nice piece of living room furniture as well as an amp. :idea

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