Vox AC30C2x: Opinions?


I'm looking to upgrade to an amp that I know I can rely on tone wise, I play in a alternative rock band, and I'm wondering if this amp can give me really warm clean tones (Yes I know why don't I get a fender?), and can also get up to the rock level distortion (for example foo fighters - All My Life).
I'm also wondering, is the amp worth the $1500 price, and the pro's and cons to the amp.


I've had one for approximately 6 months. I'm a big fan! its quite versatile having both the normal channel and top boost channel, the normal channel takes overdrive/distortion pedals really well. throw a Hotcake, Blues Driver or an old Guv'nor in front of it and it really takes off. the top boost channel is great for cleans. it doesn't take overdrive pedals too well as its very 'toppy' (thus the name!) and will icepick your ears. if you crank the amp all the way up on top boost you will get beautiful hard rock distortion, but warn your neighbours - this thing is LOUD.
the stock tubes should be replaced, as they're average. they're not unusable by any stretch, but once you swap out for something better you'll hear an immediate improvement. thrash that blue speaker at loud volume for 20 hours or more and you'll hear it bloom. it has a solid state rectifier - some prefer the traditional tube rectifier, but on the plus, its one tube less that could fail you. and if a solid state recifier is good enough for Edge/U2....

try one out! you'll get plenty of recommendations here to buy a boutique clone because they're made in USA/England, but if that doesn't matter to you, off you go.

FWIW I play British style alternative e.g. Radiohead, PJ Harvey type material in my main band.... as well as jam old Kiss, AC/DC, Cream songs with mates at loud volumes. this amp handles both with ease.

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