Vox AC30HW vs Vox AC30CCL Heads


Which amp head would you guys purchase if going ONLY for either the Vox AC30 hand wired head OR the custom classic head.........if price were no option. I know that both heads are made using lead freee solder (RoHS) and the custom classic has reverb whereas the hand wired does not (I don't use reverb).
Input please...............


My AC30HW (the older limited one) has reverb and tremelo,
I'll tell you right now the reverb sucks bad!

I would go with the AC30HW just because I dig mine so much.
I still prefer it over all the CCs that I've played.

Although we may not be talking about the same amps...


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The HW stuff I played was the Bruno designed amp. It was a nice amp, but didn't do what I want from an AC 30. It was fuller than it needed to be and the voicing and response didn't do what I was expecting- having played and owned a bunch of vintage vox gear over the years. It sounded like a mix between a vox and the Bruno amps I had played (UG 30 and CT), which is to be expected. It was nice, just not AC 30.

The CC from what I've heard, hit the mark more squarely than the Bruno. Now there are still a lot of variables- the cab/speaker choice...gotta have the cele blues option. There's a lot of switches and tonal options on the CC if I remember correctly, and it took some tweaking to find the older amp sound... the feel was closer, but not all there too. Perhaps the amp just needed to get played for a few years?

The CC has had some tech problems too, gotta look into which ones had the problems... or make sure you've got a warranty or a good tech. The HW? I don't know about it... it's probably more durable, but who cares if it's not the tone you're after. Then again, if you like the HW...get it. It certainly sounded nice- just not like any AC30 I've ever heard.

I'd get the CC if I was limited to those two choices.



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For second opinions, I'd also head over to the Plexi Palace's Vox board and ask the Vox population there.

For a third choice - have you considered the AC30-Heritage series? It has the early EF86 channel that essentially makes it a two-channel, footswitchable amp for classic chimey clean and then some real grunt.



Thanks guys. I've been researching this quite a lot the past few days. It appears that they have held true to the origional's in that the pre-amp tubes are 'inside' the chasis and running parallel to the circuit board. Thus they are literally sitting right on top of the circuit board and creating the 'toaster oven' scenario that the origionals had and creating a toaster oven on the inside. This is what caused the old Vox amps to break down.
The CC's are not this way. The tubes are all on the outside and accessible and thus no heat related issued to contend with down the road.
BUT, if you want real vintage made now......................it's a tuff call for me.


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i just upgraded from the vox ac30 custom classic head to the heritage hand wired head.

the custom classic is not even in the same league as the heritage, it sounds SO much better, especially the ef86 channel is to die for, i wont miss the tremolo or reverb at all!

ive only had for very short time so as for reliability, i wouldnt know, but one thing i do know, the stock sovtek valves are out and replaced next week, one thing i learnt is most times they all, or at least one craps out in first month on average, after that she runs sweet as, aint gonna get me twice! ha

best advice if you can, just give them both a go and compare.

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