Vox Bedroom Options


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You'll need to keep in mind that 4 watts can still be VERY loud, I would suggest an option with a well built MV circuit. Morgan AC-20 seems to be a favorite for many.

Or go my route, use a Power Station and run some big boy amps.


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For the Vox sound at home I would look for an AC-4 with a 12" speaker. I think Vox calls it an AC-4TV12 or something like that. It sounds great and has enough clean headroom with the larger speaker.
I have all the small ones AC4 is the best--with the 12.

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If you don't mind using headphones Joyo/Harley Benton AC Truetone pedal could be satisfying. Whole Truetone series are great value for money. It does not produce loud sound to my headphones but putting another pedal after it increase voice level. Guitar/pedal thru Stereo repeat quitar sound quite same it sounds in music but low volume loudspeaker sound sounds always weak.



The mini is good with the stock cab but GREAT with a proper 112. Plus speaker emulated line out/headphones that sound great. Best home option by far


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I just saw that Guitar Center has the mini Super Beetle on clearance. I have one and it is a great bedroom option. The head sounds excellent through different cabs as well.


Looking for a strictly home-based Vox amp. Considering an AC15, AC10, or Mini Super Beetle. Single-family home. Play primarily clean. ...
Yes, I’m primarily interested in using it to play olds 60s instrumental stuff like The Shadows.
I have a Vox AC30S1 for home use, and it sounds really good to me. ...
Interesting. I hadn’t considered that amp, assuming it would simply be too loud.
The amp has a Volume control. :rotflmao

On a serious note, I have 2 AC30s and most often play them clean in an apartment. Even at 2am. If you're keeping the amp (and its output section) clean, you really don't care how powerful it is (and even 4w distorted is very-loud in your living room). Your guitar probably also has a volume control, which can be used to extend the volume downward easily if you're generally staying clean.

If the amp mostly stays at home, weight is not so much a factor either. So it's mostly down to size, price, and sound. Play a few of your options, and pick the one with the right sound/price balance, within a size-limit you're comfortable having around.


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Vox AV60. A bit less complicated than the Cambridge, keeps you focused on playing. Plenty of fairly authentic presets, the two Vox ones (Crunch 1 and 2) being the most realistic, and the two Fender ones (Clean 1 and 2) can get plenty growly of you crank the Gain relative to the Volume. Also, importantly, it has a Power Level knob to adjust overall master volume, to keep you from getting in trouble with neighbors

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I’d would 100% grab the MV50 and put it through whatever cab you like. Those sound great and cost nothing. Can get loud too.

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I'll be getting one.
AC10C1-VB has arrived and it's just what I wanted it to be. A bit of gain and half volume and it's about where I play at home for loudness (85-90dB). More volume tends to not get much louder and starts to compress instead, but more gain gradually gets it up to 105dB which is where I stopped. But a nice amount of headroom with single-coils, a bit less with P90s, and a bit less again with hot humbuckers.

Very usable at home IMHO. My wife said how nice it sounded when I was still being jangly, then went out, and came back just as I'd put the P90s through a treble booster and commented that it was a bit loud (95db ish). Sounds awesome though :)

After a few hours play, it seems like the right choice to me. No concerns over boxiness which is often a criticism of the AC4 (I have no experience) and it's as bassy as an other 12" combo I have (and is wider but shorter) so no concerns over the 10" speaker. Definitely don't *need* the extra 5W of the AC15 for how loud I tend to play though can't comment on how the normal channel might have benefitted me. I'm good with this.



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Dare I ask what that's all about?
Apparently, back when Joe was building and selling direct, he took some deposits on amps but didn't follow through on the builds, stopped responding to emails, etc. I'm unclear whether the customers affected were ultimately made whole again, but because of it he became a bit of a "don't do business with" name here.

FWIW, I've always had neutral to positive experiences with Joe and own four of his amps -- my AC20 Deluxe would be the last amp I sold if I had to sell them all.


Back to thinking about getting a real Vox as the AC Tone just isn’t cutting it.

Considering an upgraded AC10 with a Creamback speaker and JJ tubes or an AC30S1, that is too much for my needs really but it’s on sale.


The ac15 custom head has switchable wattages on the back and can accomodate for really low volume playing

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