Vox Bruno TB18C1

Chicago Slim

Well, I received my TB18C1, yesterday. The information on the web was incomplete. Here are my first impressions:

It looks like Darth Vader and and an AC15 had a love child. This thing is big, for a 15 watt combo. But, that is what I wanted as I already have a Laney Cub 10 and Fender SCXD. I really like 10" combo's, running two 6V6's.

It's about the size of a Hot Rod Deluxe (23X10X19). The weight is about 39 lbs. I'm downsizing from a 47 lbs, two 6L6 12" combo. Finally, a ply-wood Vox, that doesn't weigh a ton. It's a single channel amp with High and Low inputs, Master Volume, three band EQ, Mid Boost and Dark Switch. The back is closed, with three small slits. Three vents on the top. I turned off the lights to look inside, and make sure that were really some tubes glowing within. Oh yea, now I can feel the heat coming off those confined tubes. At least it's only 6V6, not EL84 type heat.

The sound is pure Fender (that's what I was hoping for). Tweed, Brownface to Blackface, should all be do-able. It sounds kind of sterile, but that's to be expected with a new speaker. The Mid Boost and Dark switches, are usable and pretty subtle. There isn't a footswitch for them. The noise floor is not as quiet as my other 2 X 6V6 amps. The digital Reverb actually sounds good.

I plan to use the amp for a couple of weeks (to make sure that everything works), before I pull it apart. I plan to replace the speaker with an 8 ohm Eminence Lil Texas. That should make the amp lighter, louder and even more Fender like. The weight should be about the same as a PRRI. But the TB18C1 is a larger cabinet, with a 12" speaker. It already has more clean headroom, than a PRRI.

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