VOX MV50 AC - Post gig review

Discussion in 'Reviews of amps and cabs' started by ToneDeVille, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. ToneDeVille

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    Jul 16, 2017
    Played a 3 set gig at a Sports bar/grill last Sat night with the Vox MV50AC.
    Capacity of the place is approx 150, maybe a bit more. Several pool tables, big dance floor, lots of high-boy tables as well as standard tables, great food, house LED stage lighting, elevated stage...all in all a great place to play where we book half a dozen times each year. This time I took the new Vox MV50 AC and having had the amp for only a few days I decided to take my Carmen Ghia as back up just in case the Vox failed during it's first gig.

    I mounted the MV50 on my pedal board and ran a 15' speaker cable to my 1x12 8 ohm Z Cab, which gave me 25 watts from the Vox, and set the Ghia head on the cab ready to connect in the event of amp failure.

    As it turned out, Carmen Ghia on. The Vox performed flawlessly and sounded great. The 3 control knobs were set at 11-12-11 o'clock and I was able to get almost every sound I needed during the 3 sets by varying the vol & boost on my EC Strat. There were a couple of tunes where I used the Kotzen Fly Rig chorus effect, delay, or overdrive and boost, but most of the night was just thru the Vox.

    My band mates, who can be one's worst critic when it comes to rig sound and tone, said last night was the best they'd ever heard. I don't believe it was the best ever, since I am very partial to the Carmen Ghia, but to their ears it was all good. And it was very Voxy which sounded great with both the Strat and my 52 AVRI Tele. Even at 25 watts thru the 8 ohm cab volume was abundant from the MV50 and I see no reason to pick up a 4 ohm cab just to tap the additional wattage...at 25 watts this little amp sounds amazing and is plenty loud enough to cut thru a 6 pc rock band.

    So I give this little amp two roaring thumbs up. Voxy & chimey when you want it, saturation or clean at your fingertips with Vol roll off on the guitar, and loud enough to do the job. After a couple of more gigs with it I'll probably leave the back up amp at home. Heck, I might even pick up a 2nd one just for back up. At $200 it's the best bang for buck amp I've ever found.
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  2. Foghmar

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    May 8, 2013
    Thanks for the live review. I got this amp during the fall during a swap/sell out of old gear with out having heard it. Took a chance and I was immediately blown away and I still love it. I have only used it at home so it’s nice to hear that it’s gigable too. Got it hooked up with a cheap 1x12 cab, but it’s the best sounding amp I’ve ever had. Extremely musical and soo easy to dial in. Awesome tone all the way!

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