Vox Night Train 1x12" NT15C1 Combo

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    Dec 26, 2012
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    Recently, I bought two of these amps.

    I've always been interested in these, but not at $699 because that's a bit steep for a Vox amp that is yet to be a classic, so I've always looked for those prices to drop. But now that they are $399 at Guitar Center, I bought two, one to replace my Peavey Classic 30, and one to replace my AC4 that was my practice amp. $399 for a Vox amp with a good speaker (G12M Greenback)? That's a deal! So far, I like the amp.

    I was an owner of a 1st generation Night Train head and cab combo, and I liked the idea of it, but some of the details left me wanting. It seems like the 2nd generation Night Train amps address most of those issues. They were:

    1) Lack of controls in thick mode. While thick mode is gone, it's replaced by a Girth channel which has the same basic saturated gainy sound with gain and volume and then goes through the tone stack, which is a lot easier to dial in. I think this is the reason why it's 3 preamp tubes instead of 2 in the first generation. In 1st generation, thick mode was hard to use in conjunction with the normal tone of the amp. I pretty much had to just play entirely in one or the other.

    2) The speaker sounded too damn boxy in the 1st generation. While it still has a bit of boxiness, it seems to be made a lot better because the cab is now 10.24" deep (for both cab and for combo) instead of 8.24".

    3) The amp seems to do better at extremely low volume than the predecessor did. It won't win any awards with at living room volumes, but they made the master volume control very usable by having a fair bit of control at the lower end of its taper. You won't have to move the volume knob by 0.4 degree increments like some 15 watt amps.

    Just wondering if anybody else is a fan, and if anyone else has jumped on these amps. They must be doing well because I bought the last two at my local Guitar Center. Went home and put an Alnico Blue in one and a Scumnico in the other. Both sound great.


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