Vox NightTrain 15H (w/1x12) v AC15CC v NighTrain 50h (w/2x12) v AC30CC v other?


How goes it folks,

Second time poster, long time lurker.

After a long lay off I am now getting back into playing guitar.

And I am in the market for some new gear, I am currently stalking a few vintage guitars on t'internet and am looking to buy a good amp to go along with it.

I currently have a a MIM Splattercaster with Irish Tour (Bare Knuckle) pups, a Danelectro DC59 RI and a 2001 Gibson Les Paul Standard. My amps, however, leave a lot to be desired.

For the majority of the time I spent playing last time round I was using a Marshall MG30DFX, until I "upgraded" to a Fender Princeton 65 DSP.

I am now looking at getting a decent tube amp. Having done some research the above 4 models popped up. Which one better suits my needs,

I ama regular player. Currently playing predominnantly at home in a music room. I am hoping to gig at some stage in the near future (pubs etc.) Price limit is about 855 euro. (price of the AC30)

Any other suggestions at all are welcomed!



Id go ac30cc out of those. Its a heavy pig but it is an awesome amp. Tone of tweakable settings.


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Well, kinda hard to say since you don't mention what it is you're playing.
I'm a big fan of the Night Train series. I played the 15 and was really pissed when they came out with the 50, cuz I didn't need a 50 watt, but man I loved the tone!
Bought a 50 and really love it! They added an effects loop (never liked Vox reverb and trem anyway) made the 'thick' switch on the clean side foot switchable, and the dirty side gets great overdrive without getting into 'metaland' too early.
With a good clean boost pedal-you can get 5 different sounds right at your feet, and still get GREAT Vox tone.
I really don't think you'd be disappointed with one

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