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Vox tb18c1


I'm really considering picking one of these up to play in stereo with my ac15c1. There isn't a lot of info out on these. The few videos I've listened to sound great. Anyone have any experience with these?

Chicago Slim

I've only had mine a couple of weeks, and I'm pretty happy with it. It sounds like a Fender, nothing like a Vox. I like 6V6 amps. The best thing about it, is that it's plywood, and doesn't weigh as much as an AC15. To make up for the added cost, they some shortcuts, like a digital reverb. I use Tape Echo, not reverb, so that didn't bother me. No Standby switch. Difficult to change tubes. I look at it as an alternative to a DRRI.


I have the TB35C2... heavy! but it is a solid amp with high quality transformers etc. I can't bond with mine so I'm selling it but I'm also a heavy fuzzy rock player so take that FWIW

the TB35C2 has tube spring reverb, standby switch , Master volume bypass switch, macho switch (adds mids and gain) and a bass boost switch which this amp does not need as the G12-65s are pure beef

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