VOX V8 distortion versus wampler soviegen?


My locally owned shop doesn't have a return policy, they hardly want to give you store credit!

So, short of taking my while rig in there and really giving it a go, all I have in the v8 is in the store sound, and it sounds good!! My question is though. Will my soviegen do just as good?

The v8 is $159, so that's a mistake that would be costly if it is truly redundant. Anyone out there have any experiences?

Dave B

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@Cgkindler, ever get any feedback? I recently picked up a V8.

{ Side note: One of my local mom&pops has a note under the glass counter at the cash register that there are no refunds given, despite our PA state law that refunds must be given, for any reason, justified or unjustified, for 3 days from the point of purchase. Not sure what OH laws are. }

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