Vox VT15 or Fender Frontman 15R?


I am just starting to learn to play and I don't have much money to spend. I have a Squire Fender Strat that I have begun to modify a little at a time to obtain the best tone possible goalwise. I must choose between a slightly used Vox VT15 valvetronics, or a Fender FM 15R for the same amount of money. I really like the frontman's reverb, and tone, and that it's a Fender amp, but I also like the different amp models from the Vox. If I had the money I would probably just have a Fender '57 Tweed Champ for the rest of my life and, I one day I plan to build one. I love the tone from those vintage tweed amps. To me the frontman has that classic fender tone to it, albeit, not the tone quality of a real champ or tweed deluxe, but still fenderish. Does the Vox have the real 57 Deluxe tone, I know that's one of the feature modelled amps on it's settings? This will be an amp that I will sit on my front porch with my feet propped up on and play classic rock, blues, and a 'lil country on for only my pleasure,:JAM I have no delusions that I will ever be talented enough to play a gig even in a run down bar. If I do get good enough for that in some years, I'll buy a new amp then, LOL. Which amp do you experienced guys think would be my best choice for what I'm wanting to do? I'm truely torn here. Thanks in advance for any help.:bow


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Fenders usually have good reverb. However, I'd go with the 25R at minimum, or maybe the FM25dsp if you can find one.

For rock tones, however, those little Voxes are great. Just use mid gain on the UK 70s or 80s model and roll back your guitar volume a bit. I like the Pathfinder 15R and the VT30 better than the 15VT... but of the options presented, I prefer the Vox.

What is your budget exactly? Roland microcubes have great rock tone. Some used Peavey's are excellent too.

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