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Vox wah treadle won't get tight enough


I've tightened the nuts under the treadle as far as I can and tightened the plastic sawtooth inside near the pot. I got it used from a music store for super cheap, I'm sure they knew this was the problem with it. Otherwise it sounds fine, it just won't hold in one position, the pedal sinks when resting. Is there something that could be worn out that should be replaced? I've removed the circuit board to tighten the nuts from below, it seems like not matter how tight I make it it still doesn't support the weight of the treadle. Returning it is not an option, and it was so cheap that I'd just keep it for parts anyway, but I'd like to fix it.


hi @vintage66 ,
sometimes those old voxes get enough play time & wear to make everything, including the axle holes in the base get sloppy.
if you don't mind taking the wah apart, you can re-tension the tension spring, or in many cases doubling it up helps a lot. if you pay the postage i'll send you an extra one.
an easier, less guaranteed fix is to loosen the heel end tensioner bolt and put some kind of shim between the axle and the tensioner spring. preferable something that won't move around or fall out.

in any case, the pot should only be a small part of the tension equation. your mention of tightening the tension via the pot adjust is not a good solution. bad for the pot.
in the ideal setup, over 90% of the tension should come from the tensioner on the axle and less than 10% from the pot, which is just the normal resistance of the pot and gear itself.

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