WAH: the best in your experience?


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I’ve dialed in my Xotic Wah to sound 95% like my Gagan Italia. I use this one with my big board because it’s got a buffer and works great with fuzzes. Not gonna sell the Italia though because it still has that little something extra that I can’t quite put my finger on. I use it when I’m keeping it simple guitar>wah>amp>cab. Pure classic Wah goodness!
Can you share the settings?


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Can you share the settings?
These are my settings based on comparisons to my Italia. The original still has a certain thickness in the mids that I can't seem to replicate with the controls on the Xotic. The sweep is also a little different. But these settings got me close enough.

(Settings based on clock face)

Bias: 11
Wah-Q: 1:30
Treble: 11
Bass: 12:30

Dip Switchs:

1. Off
2. On (slight boost)
3. On
4. On


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I really like my RMC10. This is my 2nd one after I sold the first and ended up missing it. It was one of the first batch. The inductor looks different on the one I use now and that makes me feel like maybe it sounds different, but I honestly don’t remember AND this one sounds and feels amazing anyway.

I happen to really dig the narrower sweep. Tried the 11 and even though it sounded great, I missed that narrow point where the wah just envelopes the note!

Can anyone explain why they feel the fuzz friendly buffers in these modern recreations of classic wahs detracts from the tone? @joegagan seems to use a “weyer mod” for fuzz friendliness… his stuff sounds amazing… so I’ve been curious!


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I’ve had: Voodoo Lab Wahzoo, Xotic XW-1, Dunlop Badass, Vox Big Bad, Gig Fx, Jam Wahcko.

Wah as said above is highly personal and rig dependent, etc…. but for Hendrix and SRV AND for funk, the Jam Wahcko. Most expressive, large sweep, fuzz friendly, easy and effective one knob to tweak and fixed wahs tones a plenty. Expensive though, woooh.

The Wahcko has been my favorite hands down.


The so-called "weyer mod" is a 10k output R in series with blue wire to pot from .22uf output cap.(.68 in the case of my woodstock plus and all Italias). Anyone can do it, easiest is to just put it at blue wire of wah pot between wire & pot lug. You lose a wee bit of low end. Adjust that elsewhere as needed.
I've installed it In hundreds of wahs, very few people report back as to its effectiveness with fuzz.
However, approximately 5% of buyers have reported oscillation ,and/or squeal with mostly very high gain silicon fuzz face types.. Practically all other fuzz types seem to work fine with the weyer mod. One of the customers mentioned that the peppermint fuzz did not do well with the weyer mod. I have no idea what the peppermint has in it.


Any wah with voltage divider at end of circ before pot has high likelihood of doing fine with fuzz.
The 1967 Marshall supa wah and its very close cousin colorsound inductor wah (also to include Musonic wah and joe-sonic) have voltage divider outputs.
The colorsounds have been known for years to have little to no issues driving fuzz of all types.
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I'm looking at getting a buffered Wah, what do people think about the Morely 20/20 Lock wah?
I currently have one, and love it. I don't think I can ever go back to any traditional Wah again. I have tried VOX, Cry Babys etc and they all sound great, but its the application that I'm so over. To get them to turn on every single time, then to successfully turn them off is time consuming esp when trying to stay on time with a song.

Thats the biggest reason why I also support Morely and their switchless systems. You want Wah, no problem just step on it and its on, you want no Wah? Great just step off it.

You are much faster between transitions. Also with the 20/20 Wah Lock you have 3 pedals in one. A Auto Wah, Regular Wah, and Whoa Mode ( which honestly is a lot of fun). I recommend 100%

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