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wah.. wah... wah.....................?


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Suggestions please? My Morley which was I guess was "OK" per say just bit the dust.

I play old school rock (Hendrix Trower Nugent) and some more technical (Vai Satriani Megadeth)


A lot of good wahs out there. I use a Fulltone Clyde Standard. Teese, Budda... many more posts to follow I'm sure.


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About 10 years ago I needed to replace the wah on my gigging board, I went through about a dozen of the top of the line wah's.....Fulltone, a couple different Teese's, a couple different Budda's, etc.......

I settled on the Budda.....really nice wah, it's been on my board the whole time and been gigged HEAVILY......not one bit of trouble out of it.

I also so kept the Fulltone, I haven't gigged the Fulltone, but it has a great voice as well.

FYI, we play the same stuff as you Trower, Hendrix, Foghat, Cream......

Also of note, I'm not exactly sure when this took place, or if it effected production of the Budda......but Budda partnered with Peavey since I bought my wah.

You may want to investigate.....

Hope this helps.

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dunlop cae wah will cover those i'd say. You have your choice between to inductors and also have the added option of boost. Its been a real long time since i looked up info on it but i believe its fuzz friendly unlike fulltone but i could be wrong on that. I'd also say if that is to much wah for you maybe buddy guy wah


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Of all the standard wah pedals out there, I like the Area 51 best. You can get the fully loaded one or just a drop in kit that will fit any Dunlop or Vox style enclosure. That's the best wah for the buck IMO.


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Funny, I've owned a Clyde Deluxe, a CAE and older Cry Baby's and I ended up buying and really liking a little Morley Maverick mini wah. It gets along great with my fuzz and gain pedals, is super quiet and no pots to get scratchy and takes up damned little space on my board. I use it for clean R&B/Soul kind of stuff all the way up to high gain and the voicing seems to work for all of it. The day I bought it I even A/B'd it with a new Clyde Deluxe and still came home with the Morley - guess it's all about tastes.


I own a Teese RMC3 FL and it's so verstile and works great in front of fuzz. I believe Wilson wahs also have the fuzz friendly circuit and there are different models with a lot of tweakability. (Free shipping for those in the US too - you guys are spoilt for price and local choice )

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