Wah - with overdrive onboard or without?


Wah users, do you typically go for wah pedals with built-in overdrive circuits? If so, how does it help?

I'm currently eyeing up the Slash signature wahs. There are two versions. The Classic Slash wah and the Signature wah with a built-in overdrive which does some sort of wondrous things.

This will be used with a Marshall 2555x reissue driven with a tubescreamer. No, I'm not a Slash fanboy, it just happened to work out this way. Though I'm looking at the Slash wah, I'm not totally decided on which wah yet, just wondering what benefit the built in overdrive would offer me.


I'm not a fan of overdrive built into the Wah. And i prefer the Slash Classic, it's one of my fav wah pedals.


I would say that depends on how picky you are about your tone vs. how compact you want your board. About the only way to know for sure is to give it a shot with your rig and see if it works well. Personally, I would probably never get a wah with distortion or overdrive built in because I have a hard enough time finding a wah that gels with my setup, let alone a wah and an overdrive in the same unit that sounds great. Some people are more picky about their sound, and others find separate units to be bulky. Depends on which camp you fall under. My vote goes for two pedals.

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