Wampler "honk" with an LP and Dual Fusion?


I bought a Sovereign several months ago. I really like it except when playing with my Gibson LP Standard with Burstbuckers. The burstbuckers and pedal don't work well together. I get a "honking" sound because the gain (or something) is being compressed too much.

I've read the other forums on here about the problem with the Sovereign and Gibson Burstbuckers, but I can't seem to find a solution. I tried emailing Wampler, but their site says no more modifications. Guess I'm out of luck there.

Anyway, I'd really like to try other Wamplers, especially the Dual Fusion, but I'd hate to pull the trigger on one with the problems I'm having now. I don't know if the DF has the same issue as the Sovereign, and I don't know if other Wampler pedals have the same "honking" problem (pun intended). Does anyway have experience with fixing this issue with Burstbuckers? Know if the DF has the same issues? Know if other Wampler gain pedals have the same problem?

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