Wampler Pinnacle?


Hi guys.

I think this pedal sounds great. Does anyone out there use it through a Bogner GF 45? The GF has a great gain tone but I'm sure this pedal will add some delicious flavours to it. If you are familiar with the GF, I intend to put it in the Pre fx Loop(not the usual fx loop).

I also had my eye on an Xotic RC Boost or a Timmy as well, I know, completely different beasts altogether.

I know the RC/Timmy can't do everything that the Wampler can do, but I wondered if the Wampler can do almost the same as the RC/Timmy, ie.. use it as a boost as well as a Distortion/Gain pedal.

Would buying both be a waste of money?

Thanks guys.


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