wampler plexi drive deluxe vs weehbo JTM drive?

Jay Reibholdt

Hi sggibby, that is a good question! But in case of that you will or have played through a
Marshall amp ( tubeamp or what else?) its a little tricky because in this way you will not get
what you like!
The JTM 45 sound is the sound of a JTM 45 amp, nothing else.
But if you want to copy it very nearly, maybe through another amp...like Peavey, Fender, Carr or so..
use the absolut clean input, no drive..and then you can tahke the JTM Drive which is easier in soundchose
thean the plexi de luxe. But of all the JTM has internal trimpots so you have first to chose which gainway
you want to go?? Therefore I recommend better the JCM DRive pedal which is more like the plexidrive dlx
but more marshall sounding.
Hope that helps after a time???? Have luck, have fun Jay.

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