FS Wangs VT-1H tube amp head ($150)


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TGP Price: $150 + shipping (or local in Charlotte, NC)

Don't let this little guy fool you, it sounds great. It is simply volume and tone and 3 tubes. The entire package feels stout, well built and completely solid. It is perfectly quiet and sounds fantastic cranked up.

These are getting a lot of respect around the online world and for good reason. It is a super inexpensive, great sounding, all tube amp that won't disturb others in your house while jamming. It’s not much bigger than a boutique pedal - very portable.

Wangs has shoehorned an entire valve head, using a pair of 12AX7 preamp valves and a single 12AU7 to deliver an output of one watt to either an eight- or 16-ohm load.

The VT-1H's controls are minimal: volume, tone and an on/off switch, with a single guitar input and speaker outlet. At lower volumes, the clean sounds are surprisingly good, with a crisp treble, balanced midrange and restrained bass. As you turn up the volume control, the VT1-H starts to overdrive in a pleasing AC30-ish way, with a nice touch-sensitive response. With the volume maxed, it has a ton of sustain and distortion, and it's loud - plenty loud enough for practice and recording.


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