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Want to build a Victoria 5112 5F1

The Victoria is already a clone of a 5F1 champ.there are lots of kit builders out there that have kits that are as close as you are going to get.
there is nothing special about the victoria at all.In fact it sounds identical to champs I have built.
Go to www.mojotone.com and check out their 'kits' page.They build quality cabinets and their parts are stellar.You can't go wrong with mojo.
Order a Tweed Deluxe cabinet from mojo and when ordering,get them to do the chassis cutout for a champ chassis.They can laquer the cabinet too.
Go into the 'cabinets' section and click on 'Tweed Deluxe'.It has an options menu where you can choose what you want.You can order just the champ kit with no cabinet or speaker and a Tweed Deluxe sized cabinet and use the speaker of your choice.
Contact Weber's website, they do custom combo cabinets. I had them quote 5E3 - 212 cabinet, so they will do customs.


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