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Want to hear the crazy NYE stories from last night


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i was invited by a gang of the local lasses
to the neighbors
heard some fantastic stories about gawd, religion and real estate
at midnite a guest's dog put the spurs to the hosts poodle
which was universally interpreted as a good omen for 2017
then i walked around the hood
where the neighbors were all humping backpacks and luggage around the barrio
in preparation for a new year full of surprises
and other unkowns


Rolled antique white on to the walls of my downstairs bedroom. Had a few beers between coats. Dropped a full gallon, the lid popped off and about 1/2 gallon spilled out. Luckily it stayed on the plastic sheet and I was able to curl it up and pour most back into the can. A few spots on the carpet but it's getting replaced this week.

Crazy man!


I sat up drinking Bourbon watching Bama beat Washington (late finish in the UK), then watched Jools Hootenanny to see the new year in with some great music.


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Was offered several NYE gigs a while back, but held out for a higher paying one. Finally got offered a really nice one, scrambled to find a sub-KB player, but then the agent couldn't close the deal. On De 29, got offered a great NYE gig at a club that we've been trying to get into (they realized the weather was going to be good and decided last minute to book a band to play outdoors). But at this point, I had no KB player, my singer had bought tickets to some other NYE event and my drummer made family plans. Later that day got offered another last minute NYE gig that, of course, we also couldn't do.

So, I had no gig. Went to my bass players house and ate too much food and drank a couple of beers. Crazy!!! Actually, I should add that at midnight, we went up on my friend's house's roof to see fireworks around town. He lives in East Austin, right near downtown, and from his rooftop we could see fireworks in 360 degrees. They were going off all around us, close and far away. It was kind of cool, but also very smokey.

I also shot this fun video earlier in the day yesterday:
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Yer Blues

Had a daytime gig. It was over and my car was packed by 7. It went pretty good. Then I went to a friends to watch the Clemson/OSU game. Since it was a blowout and I didn't feel like drinking I went home to hang out with my dog. It was crazy!!


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Fell asleep around 8:20 pm watching Christmas Vacation. Apparently went to bed around 8:40 without wishing my wife happy new year. Woke up at 4am and by 5am my kids were stirring.


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I think 1990 or so was the last completely crazy NYE for me.


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Soldered in a set of Ron Ellis Broadcaster set into my Danocaster and was off to sonic a Heaven.


I attempted several times to watch the Dick Clark and other NYE shows,
but couldnt stand more than 30 seconds of their crap until I had to change the channel
and watch Rules of Engagement. Asleep by 1am.

I had a two beer limit since I was oncall for the job.

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