Wanting to Dip my Toes into Country Telecaster or Clean Amp?

More about the notes and how you play ‘em. And I don’t like Fender amps, personally. I’d go Tele + AC30, but I play a Tele anyway and it’s not because I’m trying to be “country”. I had people tell me my playing sounded “country” when I played a 24-fret superstrat with humbuckers.

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Yes, by all means get the Telecaster and a good Fender amp. You will love the tones and how it all works so well with the Country style you like.
So here’s the deal, I feel I am a fairly decent player and have plenty of nice gear from a recently acquired 2019 1958 Les Paul Reissue to a 1981 Silverburst Les Paul Custom and a newer SG Standard. I have the Gibson thing more than covered and, as for amps, I have a Diezel and a Marshall Super Lead with a Mesa and Marshall 4x12 and also a Mini Jubilee head and 2x12. So gain isn’t an issue at all.

I have been bitten hard by the country bug now (partly from living an hour outside Nashville my entire life) and wondering if I should get a nice clean deluxe reverb or a telecaster to begin down this road?

Some of my favorites are Paisley, Brent Mason, Buck Owens, James Burton, Uncle Larry (Tom Bukovac) and Vince Gill so far. Also, shout out to Ask Zac and Zac Childs for his content! I can’t believe how monstrous these talents are and want to at least get my feet wet. I feel like a Les Paul into a Marshall or Diezel just is not the recipe.

Thanks as always friends!
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Well, you guys convinced me! I have a blue Vintera 50s telecaster and a deluxe reverb RI inbound this week. Going to grab a dynacomp and maybe a drive pedal soon too!

If my SFDR was stolen, I'd buy one of those DRRIs. They are GREAT sounding amps. This is the formula for great country tones:

Tele (the only true must have)
DR/Zwreck (I use both)
Compressor (I use a wampler Ego)
Delay/Slapback (I use an MXR)
Learn how to hybrid pick

I'll say this. I've been in a room full of bad ass guitarists, way more talented than me, and when you pull off an open string country run they all stop what they are doing to listen. That's how you know what you're doing is different. I have some free lessons on line, DM me for my you tube channel if you like.

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