Warmoth 6 hole trem & Callahm block


Would these two mate up with each other? I ordered a trem from guitar parts depot because it had a model 3 that Bill Callahm could be certain would fit his vintage block. Here is the trouble: the color on the site said black chrome which I thought was the same color as all my other hardware. This is not the case so that means my hardware will not match in color. My other hardware is very black and the color of the trem is more like a dark gray. If anyone has any knowledge on this please share as I would appreciate it. Thank you.


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Send it back for a black one? There is no way of telling if a certain block will fit a certain bridge - there are just so many varieties.


Without the parts in hand I say chances are if only the center hole of the three lines up, elongate the outer two holes and chamfer for the screws to set flush. I'm going to be looking into this soon myself. It seems like at least out of all possibilities the trem arm hole and the center hole on the block are in the same place on all trems? If anyone knows please respond!

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