Warmoth custom guitars


I'm thinking about building a new guitar starting with a Warmoth body & neck for my next guitar. I want to build something kinda unique & true to what I want in a new guitar. Something that will open up new avenues for my playing. I'm hoping I can build a good one for somewhere around $1000.

So far these are a few of the specs I want: Mahogany Body; Maple top; Maple Neck/Fretboad; Scalloped Neck; Stainless Steel Frets; Floyd Rose; locking tuners & Rio Grande or Suhr Aldrich Humbuckers, but leaning more towards Rio Grande's

That sounds like a hell of a piece to me. What do you guys think? It's a brain child of mine, but at the moment it's something I'm thinking of. Leaning towards a Strat body/neck, but I might look into one of their more modern pieces.


Don't forget to get a good fretboard radius like 14".. The compound radius with scalloped fretboard just doesn't seem right to me.. I would also get the thin or wizard neck profile.....

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