Sold Warmoth Mahogany Strat/JM neck and Semi-loaded Mahogany Strat Body


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For sale a really, really nice looking and playing Warmoth Mahogany Strat/Jazzmaster neck (realized that it has a Jazzmaster headstock after I was asked about it!) in great shape with a Rosewood fretboard, 6150 frets, 12" radius, and 1.685" nut width. Comes as shown with black Wilkinson Deluxe tuners and string tree. Almost no-- if any fret wear. I had it together in a partscaster with the body listed here, but am parting it out to get funds to finish some bass projects because I am filthy guitar rich and somewhat bass poor. $200 shipped/pp'ed.

Also a very nice semi-loaded Mahogany Strat body routed for a Tele control plate. I am not sure of the maker, but it is very well made. In great shape except for a few scratches and a silver/greyish scuff on the forearm contour-- all of which I tried to capture in the pics. Comes as shown with a black Gotoh tremolo with full sized block, loaded black control plate with 500k CTS pots, CRL 3 way switch, Orange Drop tone cap, football jack plate and jack, black strap buttons, neck plate and screws. I don't have an accurate scale, but it appeared to be about 5 lbs. as shown on my imprecise IKEA bathroom scale (sorry I can't be more definitive/can't guarantee that). $140 sh/pp'ed for the semi-loaded body.

Take 'em both for $300 sh/pp'ed, add some pickups and make a monster of a TeleStratoGib! No trades please and lower 48 shipping only.

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