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Sold Warmoth "TigerWood" Stratocaster Neck / JTV-69 Variax Neck - in Excellent condition


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$300 (OBO) PP'd & Shipped continental US

I have a custom Warmoth Strat Neck with some really nice features for sale. It's made from Quarter-sawn Goncalo Alves and has an Ebony fretboard, 25-1/2" scale, 10"-16" compound radius, & 22 Stainless Steel SS6105 frets (See full list of specs). The mounted Planet Waves tuners shown are included.

I bought a used JTV-69 Variax some time ago to use with my Helix. A lot of players upgrade the necks on the 69 JTV's. At the same time I was buying this JTV, I saw a listing for this neck and thought it would be a perfect match, so I bought it.

It fit perfectly and looked killer, especially on a Black guitar. I'm sure it would look great with any body color though. The Quarter-sawn Goncalo Alves is gorgeous and the Ebony fingerboard and Stainless frets feel great under your fingers.

Disclaimer: I did have to modify the hole pattern on the neck to fit the JTV-69 (see neck heel photos). The bottom 2 holes lined up perfectly but the top 2 (closest to the heel of the body) are different on a JTV than the standard Strat hole locations. I filled in those two holes with a high grade wood putty, carefully marked the locations of the other 2 holes, and drilled new ones for the JTV using a 90 degree drill fixture & matched the depth of the other 2 holes.

The modified hole locations worked perfectly and the neck lined up dead on for string alignment as you can see in the pictures. This neck is set up perfectly to mount on a JTV-69. The mod is totally reversible though, in the event you want to mount it on a Strat. You would simply have to reverse the process: Fill the 2 front "JTV" holes, and carefully drill out the previous existing holes. Anyone with some woodworking chops could do this, or you could have a luthier do it for you.

To be clear the JTV guitar in some of the pictures is NOT included, just the neck. Those pictures are there for reference only, just to show how well the neck lined up and how it looks when mounted. I sold that guitar recently and currently I don't have an "S-Style" guitar to use this neck on.

Some of the neck features:

  • Ebony fretboard
  • Unfinished Tigerwood (Goncalo Alves) neck
  • Standard thin profile
  • 10-16” compound radius
  • Stainless steel frets
  • Planet waves locking tuners
  • Two roller string trees
(See the Warmoth options picture for more specs)

$400 shipped and PP'd in the CONUS.

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Still here - Another price drop to $300 before I put it up on Reverb. Make me an offer. :aok

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