WARNING: Don't deal with Maverick-Music/Phil Winfield


Presently Mr. Winfield owes me 34,270. As of last week he purportedly signed the note and sent the first payment. These have never been received. Resolution of this problem has been lengthy. Getting to talk with him is rare. His response to texts and emails varies from immediate to none.

Other submitted complaints include the BBB his rating went from A to F. I am uncertain as to whether there was any communication between the BBB and Maverick Music.

I also made a formal complaint to the DOJ of the State of North Carolina.
Responding to my complaint to the DOJ of North Carolina he stated the problem had been resolved, including the signing of the promissory note and sending a check. I have informed them this is incorrect.

I also made a formal complaint to the State of Missouri Division of Consumer Protection. I do not know the status of my discussion with the Missouri Division of Consumer Protection. I am told he replied to my complaint, I will know next Wednesday the contents of his letter. I suspect he will again state the problem is or has been resolved.

It is unfortunate one cannot trust his word. His reluctance to sign the promissory note demonstrates his intent.

I am sure I am the tip of the ice berg.



I sincerely hope you are able to recover your losses, and that the shyster is locked away.
It is sad to hear about all of this happening. I hope it all gets resolved. I waited a long time for my deal to work out, but eventually it did. I hope it does for the people posting here as well. There is no excuse for a delay like the ones described. The deals I have done with Phil since my problem have been fine. I got all the items I paid for, but I did do everything in person. I have not received some documentation promised to me yet, but I hope to have that resolved soon. Again, sad to hear this happened, I hope it all gets resolved.
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I read these posts and say "Why do people not seek legal recourse in such issues?"
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just paid a $5000.00 retainer.....have not been able to get my vintage equip back from Phil...about 20,000 dollars value....keep getting promises and promises and then more drama about his problems and his family...and then no check and no return of equipment

reason most people do not hire an attorney is the huge cost...


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And I know there is a delta between bid/ask on high end stuff, but to say it's for sale at $225k and sells at $160k is quite a discount.

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Well, this has been interesting reading. I thought I'd share my similar experiences with Phil for your amusement and education lol....
Bill Krinard (for those who may not know, my fellow co-founder of Two-Rock) connected me with Phil about 18 months ago. Phil was hot to sell my Kimock Sig and Sterling Sig, both mint uncirculated Two-Rock amps that I personally final checked and promptly brought home- where they have remained unscathed. I sent him pics, he posted on his site, he said he sold them, was coming out to get them and bringing cash, etc..
Over the next several months he was hard to reach, had a plethora of excuses, and needless to say neither deal ever happened. At least I still had the amps. However, I was unable to get him to remove the pics and item descriptions from his site. After a while I gave up, until I realized I was merely drawing traffic to his website and getting nothing in return. Sound familiar? I was told recently by a gentlemen from England who was considering the purchase of another of my amps that when he inquired about my Sterling Phil told him he had had it and had sold it. Really? He's never even seen it in person, let alone taken possession of it. I recently had a friend from Japan try to sell my Sterling but when he saw Phil was still advertising it he decided not to get involved. So I again tried to contact Maverick, to no avail. Today I tried to contact Meckweb, and got a response. It appears I may finally get my amps off Maverick's site- we shall see.
Good luck to anyone who has gear there.

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