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Washburn Idol and the VCC

Just wondering if anyone here has played/owned a Washburn Idol guitar? I'm curious about the Voice Contour Control. Is it worthless or a nice feature? Do you use it a lot or would you rather have had a standard tone knob? All reviews I've read on this say the Idol is a great player, but since I have to drive an hour and half to try one out, I'd like to have some opinions. Thanks in advance.


I have a WI64 and it's really nice. However, it is before they put the VCC on there. But I can't see how it wouldn't improve the guitar.


I had an idol (one of the "distressed" ones m123 was selling), and liked the VCC very much. It did a fairly good impression of a single-coil, and I liked being able to dial in the blend as I wanted. Still, from what I've read online it seems I was the only person who liked it.

The guitar did feel like an sg, right down to the neck-dive, which was why I sent it back. It did have great frets, and Buzz Feiten, too.

Some of the Washburn imports are very nice, and I would love to try one of the US models.

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