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Washburn parrallaxe pxl10ftbm

Discussion in 'Reviews of Electric Guitars' started by evan47, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. evan47

    evan47 Member

    Aug 19, 2017
    I have recently been visiting my local guitar store to try a few different electric 6 strings with the intention of waiting until the end of the year before purchase as I was also prepared to splash out on another Gibson Les Paul ( I was going to take my time over this one but.....).
    i was most interested in another PRS SE model with the Mark Tremonti and Zach Myers on the top of my list and tried both of them along with a Gibson SG standard.
    All three were very nice but (I discounted the SG as I found it far too neck heavy) I then noticed a few Wasburn models on the rack and tried the one that appealed the most, the Parrallaxe pxl10 ftbm.
    It has a basic LP-esque body ( with a hint of SG thrown in ), through body stringing, Buzz Feiten graphite nut, Grover rotomatics and Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz splitable pickups.
    The neck is, as is the rest of the body finished in satin matt and has a beautiful heel-less join with an ebony fretboard and jumbo frets, the top of the body has a flame maple veneer ( more likely a thin cap owing to the contours of the top ) which looks cool and moody due to its transparent satin black finish. as does the front of the headstock.
    All the hardware has a nice "black chrome" finish.
    I immediately loved the feel of its neck, the satin finish and thin, wide-ish profile suited me to a tee as my hands are by no means large ( I take a medium sized glove ), its heel-less join being an added bonus to it speed inspiring feel. in fact, it is a real beauty to play and also nicely set up.
    The body, while LP like in its shape ( with a modern twist ) is about the same thickness as an SG and has bevel on the rear top quarter and feels well balanced and pleasantly light.
    Sound wise its Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz combo really make this little gem sing and cry out for classic rock, rock, blues and sweeten up nicely when dialled down especially with the neck pickup and coil tap.
    The Buzz Feiten system helps give it a nicely intonated clarity even to heavily overdriven power chords and can be tuned as a normal guitar with no drawbacks. ( I have tried tuning with the Feiten method by ear off the open E and have also got hold of a used Korg DT7 and it does make just enough of a difference to be slightly noticeable ).
    As I only really tried this guitar out of interest I did not honestly expect it to stand out from the other three I tried as much as it did, wow! it feels and sounds great especially for the stuff that I play ( Thin Lizzy, ZZ Top, Rainbow, Gary Moore The Who etc).
    Its simple 2 volume, 1 tone with separate coil taps with push -push switching and 3 way toggle switch give it an ample pallette of good usable tones and the set neck string through body construction aid its tone and sustain nicely.
    I did not buy it on the spot but had a damn good think about things and left it a week before returning to the shop and re-trying it plus the Mark Tremonti but, after deciding I did not want or need a tremelo or the chunkier weight of it opted for the Washburn.
    All done, the PXL 10 ftbm is one hell of a good lean, mean rock and roll machine which can also do subtle with aplomb and is one excellent deal at its asking price.
    The only things that I may add to it are some quality fret marker stickers ( I fancy either normal size dots or maybe planet style markers between the 5th and 6th string ) as the fretboard is only marked at the 12th fret ( but stylishly so with the parrallaxe motif ) and maybe experiment with either a master phase reversal or series/parralel push-push on the tone pot.
    Further food for thought, I have been playing since 1983 and owned 20+ guitars including 5 genuine Gibson Les Pauls ( one a custom shop model ) and find the Washburn, despite its far lesser price point to to be easily equal to or better than any in every aspect.
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  2. Lothar34

    Lothar34 Supporting Member

    Sep 2, 2013
    Wish I'd seen this review a few months ago. I read about the Parrallaxe somewhere and liked the features but the one I saw in the pic looked like a pointy Jackson & didn't know they had other versions. My Zach Myers is in the shop right now getting a Feiten nut installed.

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