Watching the "Strat pack" on TV...

... and this is what I have to say about that:

1. Joe Walsh and Robin Williams must take the same junk. Son of a gun, that guy is hilarious and out of his mind. *At the same time* He sure can play like a mofo, too.

2. Paul Rogers is still as insufferable as the last time I saw him. "All right now" is still a kick ass song.

3. Had never seen Brian May play a Strat before... it looked weird :)

4. Pino Palladino is not only an incredible bass player, he is also a damn giant. And his fingers are almost spider-like in appearance.

5. If it weren't for his mastery of the six-string guitfiddle, Gary Moore would *never* have gotten laid. Not even close.

6. Gary Moore still rocks. And then some.

7. Andy Fairweather Low has got to be the guitar sideman par excellence. Son of a gun but that guy is versatile and always perfect and right on the money.

8. The last time I saw so damn many Union Jacks, why I must have been in London.

9. Paul Rogers' strat was a thing of beauty. I need to find pics and specs.

10. Ronnie Wood is still Ronnie Wood. And that simple sentence covers A LOT of territory!


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You comment on Ron Wood, who sucked badly during that performance and left out Albert Lee? Dude?
Note that I didn't really say anything positive or negative about Ronnie... ;)

I did leave out Albert Lee... I can't believe I did. He is a monster guitar player for sure... thanks for bringing me back to my senses :)


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i was there ;)

gary moore really did well when he first came on. it was sweet. (from memory)

i felt gilmour lacked a little something? maybe i was just hoping for what i hear on record (40ish years ago?)

i find it odd that amy winehouse played. and nobody paid attention. and yet she is one of the biggest celebs in the UK right now.

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