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Originally posted by GREATPHARO
Brilliant post. If such item is sold under an "agreement" to be bought back I would assume that item would be offered back before going to ebay no matter what the price. The item was never offered back.
exactly, if I care enough to really want a right-of-first-refusal (buy back) I make those terms quite clear if/when I do that, not some absurd interpretation like I can bid for it with the rest of the world.

An offer of first refusal is just that: sometimes it's even for the sale price (ie I can buy it back for what I sold it for), and in each case it's part of the "consideration" for the sale so it's not a "gentlemen's agreement", it's part of the terms of sale (a contract). When I do it (not often at all) It's not a verbal agreement either, it's part of the written terms agreed to, I've had buyers agree to sell back for what I sold it to them for, and I've also had such agreements for market price at the time of the resale.



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I was the original owner of the Cameltoe (the back is inscribed to me from Jeorge). Can I buy it back for what I originally sold it for? Sorry...couldn't resist. I think its amazing that the pedal reached the level it did. Shame it will sit in a case, but would anyone place it on their pedal board after paying $5000+ for it?

Just to clarify, though it does have a Green Rhino and a Red Llama board inside, its not the same as having the two pedals. Jeorge installed a series/parallel switch that could make the two sound like end of the world. Also, there were some trimpots included in the circuit design of this pedal that alow you to increase the gain structure of each of the pedals.

Am I pissed that I didn't make $5000 off it? I sold it to by equipment for my business. That equipment has yielded me $30,000+. I'm glad I was part of the pedals history. Even happier that my name is still inscribed on it. Jeorge didn't create new pedals. He took existing designs and made them as good as they could be. He's still doing that. Aloha Jeorge.

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