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Wayne Krantz, no cliches, no hot riffs, just inventivenessness !


Everyone kicked unbelievable ass at This show, so im not declaring a winner, but the most imaginative solo (for me) of the night goes Wayne Krantz at 1hr 40 min in. No cliches,no hot riffs, just alot of inventive melodic, rhyrhmic, and harmonic motives.
This is another great example of how someone can go into "the zone" and just dwell in it as long as they want to at will !
Hopefully I got enough TGP disclaimers in for this post to be legit.


Wayne deserves a bump...
I concur! I found out about him via his Line 6 POD at a music store here in NYC a year or 2 ago - as I was paying for it, the guy behind the counter said "Ever hear of Wayne Krantz? This was his." For $50 not only did I get his POD and all of those old POD sounds I'd been longing for since selling mine a decade ago, but I also discovered an amazing guitarist!

(FYI none of his POD presets were of any use to me... apparently they weren't to him, either.)
Wayne has such a singularly unique style. Its like a breath of fresh air every time i listen to him.
I'm glad i got to take lessons from him way back in the day.

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