WCR humbuckers - anyone tried both the Crossroads and Darkbursts ??


I'm trying to decide between these two sets.

Anyone tried both sets ??

thanks in advance


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I just put a set of Darkbursts in my Les Paul, and they are really nice.


Well, what kind of tones do you like?
From the website:
Patent-Applied-For ALL THE WAY ! They look the same, but SOUND BETTER, and cost a LOT LESS ! What's more, un-like the originals, these sound great EVERY TIME ! This set of pickups was built to replicate the tone from the song "Crossroads" from Cream's "Wheels of Fire" album. They have been tested extensively in an SG, a Firebird, and a Les Paul. They absolutely NAIL that sound!
Their construction has been in the works for nearly a year at the behest of Michael Lawrence of the Contortions, Mikey, Gong/N.Y. Gong, National Health, World at a Glance, the U.S. "Surfin' with the Alien/Joe Satriani" tour, Rick Derringer. This is the tone that Mick has been chasing since he first heard the "Wheels of Fire" album when learning guitar. He finally found that sound with this superb set of pickups.

After a long wait, the DarkBurst Set has landed on our site!!

These pickups were wound to the specs of Duane's "DarkBurst" (hence the name), his last axe. They are a slightly over-wound version of the Crossroads Set, and tonaly have a sound like Duane from "Eat a Peach", Free, Bloomfield's "Super Sessions," Angus, EVH's brown-sound, etc.
Priced the same as Fillmores or Crossroads, they are in a class all by themselves.
Reviews all over the net resound.
We have a good many customers tell us they have yet out what these pickups CAN'T do !
Here's a good web thread on them:

If you look around and do some searches, I know that Jim chimed in on a few of the threads explaining the differences in the two. I'd think a crossroads neck and a darkburst bridge would be totally killer.
Either way, I don't think you can go wrong.


I have both sets. The darkbursts are in a Les Paul Custom and the Crossroads are in a 335. The first thing is the DB's are hotter and distort your amp more easily (all else equal). Both the CR's and the DB's are a tad on the brite side. This translates into complex mids and great harmonics. The pinch harmonics are a little stronger with the DB's.

I think I like the darkbursts a little better but I have been into gain tones lately. I think you should just email WCR and let them know what you are looking for.


I have a 3 pup les paul with crossroads neck and darkbursts in the other 2 positions. I could not be happier. This setup with my voodoo modded marshall is just so pleasing to me.
Here is a quote from Jim at WCR "The CR neck is less output than the DBs, but not by much. It's a rather low-output PAF. Just clearer. OD it, it can take a lot."
If I had to choose though it would be the DBs for me. Cant go wrong either way in my opinion.



i have a Crossroads set and i'm a happy man ever after!

as Jim Wagner said, the DB's are slightly overwound CR's.

never tried the DB's, but i would at least get a bridge DB and a neck CR.

whatever you'll get from WCR, you'll be happy.

now that he offers them with real nickel-silver covers!...

i wish i had more money and more guitars to put them on!



Originally posted by papersoul
You could also do Fillmores! Very versatile!

I just picked up a Fillmore bridge for my homemade single-HB Honduran Mahogany Tele/LPjr mongrel - *REALLY* looking forward to hearing a WCR in person!


I installed the Fillmore today - man this is a nice pickup!

It went into a custom guitar I made about 10 years ago (replaced a PRS Deep Dish II) - one-piece Honduran Mahogany body, Stew-Mac Maple/Maple neck, single volume, Tele-style HB bridge. Probably not the typical guitar these usually go into - kind of a LPjr/Tele hybrid.

I deliberately set it kind of low to begin with and radiused the polepieces - it had a beefy Tele-ish tone, very spanky and articulate. One full turn of the height adjustment screws and I was in total PAF land - chunk, sparkle, nice woody tones. This thing has 'air' - never had that in a humbucker before.

The clean tones are really great - this is a one pickup guitar with a single volume control, so it's not been very versatile - I used it only for overdriven stuff. The Fillmore has changed all that - rolling back the volume cleans it up beautifully all while keeping the full low end and sparkly highs. The OD tones are gorgeous - articulate and full, lots of string definition - just what I was hoping for. I've only been able to put about 2 hours into it - really looking forward to experimenting with the heights more.

I bought the Fillmore second-hand, but I wouldn't hesitate to buy one at full retail knowing what I do now. Jim - you make some damn nice pickups, thanks!


Here are a couple of clips courtesy of TGPer Slydemann (Dave Melton)....The first one is of the Crossroads in an LP classic plus with both pups in use:


The second is a slide clip with a Darkburst bridge pickup. This used to be my pickup, but I prefer the Goodwood bridge. It still sounds great, though:


Thanks Dave!

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